Microelectronics has played a significant role in nearly every major technological development of the last half-century. In keeping with our creative, interdisciplinary reputation for innovation, Rensselaer researchers cover the whole semiconductor spectrum, from theory to practice to product and from bench to bedside, across materials, design, devices, and systems.

AiMOS, an eight petaflop IBM POWER9-equipped supercomputer

Rensselaer’s approach to computation across scales has applications for both the present and future of microelectronics. Researchers are active in the fields of supply chain automation and analytics, AI acceleration/low-precision computing, circuit design and hardware/software codesign, and device and process simulation and modeling.

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Silicon Wafers and Microcircuits with Automation system control application

To address the urgent need for acceleration and increased energy efficiency for future AI, Rensselaer researchers are exploring solutions in system applications, AI acceleration/low-precision computing, and circuit design and hardware/software codesign.

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Green microchip set in a blue printed circuit board

Microelectronics researchers at RPI are developing new materials and processes for improved channel, interconnect, and dielectric performance and scaling, with a focus on packaging and heterogenous integration, metrology, and device simulation and modeling.

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